A woman hitting a neo-Nazi with her handbag, 1985

A woman Hitting a neo-Nazi with her handbag is a famous photograph taken in Växjö, Sweden on 13 April 1985 by Hans Runesson. It depicts a 38-year-old [...]

Dagen H, the day Sweden switched sides of the road

On September 3, 1967, at 04.50 in the morning, the traffic everywhere in Sweden was directed over to the right side of the road and stopped. After all, [...]

The German embassy in Sweden flying the flag at half mast the day Hitler died, April 30th 1945

The embassy is an official state function, since the Third Reich outlived Hitler by six weeks, it would be more odd if they did not raise the flag when the [...]

A 17 year old Pele on a street of Sweden before the 1958 World Cup color

Pele turned 18 during the cup, helped Brazil to reach the finals and then win 5-2 vs Sweden, crowning Brazil as world champions for their first time ever, [...]