Miss Zhao Yidi old photo

Zhang and Zhao Yidi's love story, once the eyes of the world a full of romantic and tragic legend, as the female lead, Zhao Yidi beauty, wisdom and love [...]

Sunset @ Shenyang

You must really see some golden sunsets here. Welcome to Shenyang It's my [...]

Old Marshal Zhang Zuolin

Zhang Zuolin (simplified Chinese: 张作霖; traditional Chinese: 張作霖; pinyin: Zhāng Zuòlín; Wade–Giles: Chang Tso-lin; (1875–1928) was the [...]

Huanggutun Incident

Huanggutun Incident (Chinese: 皇姑屯事件; Japanese: Zhang Zuolin Assassination Incident (張作霖爆殺事件 Chosakurin bakusatsu jiken)) was an [...]

Xinle culture @ Shenyang

The Xinle culture (新樂文化) (5500–4800 BC[1]) was a Neolithic culture in northeast China, found primarily around the lower Liao River on the [...]