Luftwaffe aces meet Hitler after an awards ceremony at the Berghof

Adolf Hitler chats with his flying aces from Luftwaffe after an awards ceremony (Eichenlaub and Schwertern) at Berghof Obersalzberg on April 1944. All [...]

Hitler’s triumphant tour of Paris

One day after France signed the armistice with Germany in June 1940, Adolf Hitler celebrated the German victory over France with a triumphant tour of [...]

The Heavy Gustav, Hitler and generals inspecting the largest caliber rifled weapon ever used in combat

The Heavy Gustav, was completed towards the end of 1940 and the proof rounds were fired early in 1941 at the Rugenwalde Artillery Range. Both Hitler and [...]

Hitler in disguise: US intelligence images of how Hitler could have disguised himself

Towards the end of World War II, U.S. intelligence officials were afraid that the German dictator would flee Germany by assuming a disguise. By 1944 the [...]

Easter eggs for Hitler

Two black American soldiers with special artillery ammo for Hitler, Easter Sunday, 1945. Technical Sergeant William E. Thomas and Private First Class [...]

Allied soldiers mock Hitler atop his balcony at the Reich Chancellery

The final victory over Nazi Germany achieved, soldiers and allies of the British, American and Russian armies mimic and mock Adolf Hitler and his ideas on [...]

Hitler’s birthday: Goering, Keitel, and Himmler wishing the Fuhrer

Five years later all the four would be dead, three suicides and a hanging. This is probably the last peaceful moment they had, twos month later the invade [...]

A young Hitler cheers the start of World War One

The photo was taken by Munich photographer Heinrich Hoffmann at a rally in support of war against the allies in Munich’s Odeonplatz on August 2, 1914. [...]

Hitler’s personal bodyguards undergoing a drill inspection in Berlin

Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler barracks in Berlin, the rifles are Mauser Kar98k. The 1st SS-Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler (LSSAH) was Adolf [...]

Hitler rehearsing his speech in front of a mirror

Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi Party, strikes a pose for photographer Heinrich Hoffmann whilst rehearsing and listening his recorded speech. The album, [...]