King George V and his physically similar cousin Tsar Nicholas II in German military uniforms in Berlin, 1913

This picture was taken during the wedding of the Kaiser’s daughter Princess Victoria Louise of Prussia. The wedding, an extravagant affair, took place on [...]

German motorcycle courier in Eastern Front, 1942

Riding on an exposed vehicle in the Russian Winter, here a combination motorcycle, required protective clothing. This Kradfahrer wears a sentry’s [...]

The shells from an allied creeping bombardment on German lines

Lone soldier surrounded by a mountain of empty shell cases, France. This lone British soldier up to his knees in spent shell cases, offers a striking [...]

A German prisoner of war escorted by a Soviet soldier, Stalingrad

In this photograph, a Red Army solider is seen marching a German solider into captivity after the Battle of Stalingrad. The Germans were being rounded up [...]

German troops use a Schwellenpflug to destroy rail tracks while withdrawing from Soviet territory

German troops in the Soviet Union, destroying the railroad during an organized retreat. A railroad plough (also known as a Schienenwolf (‘rail wolf’) [...]

Stahlhelm, the stages of the helmet-making process of Stahlhelms for the Imperial German Army

In both World Wars, the most distinctive feature of the Germany army uniform was the item that has come to symbolize German militarism in even remotest [...]

German soldiers react to footage of concentration camps

The image shows the faces of German POWs, captured by Americans, watching a film about a concentration camp. This forced confrontation brought Germans [...]

Two American soldiers inspect a destroyed German King Tiger tank, Belgium

Also they’re all admiring the three beautiful passing girls. Photo taken near the village of Corenne, Belgium, 1944. The tank in the photo is Tiger II [...]

The German embassy in Sweden flying the flag at half mast the day Hitler died, April 30th 1945

The embassy is an official state function, since the Third Reich outlived Hitler by six weeks, it would be more odd if they did not raise the flag when the [...]

German soldiers take boots and other equipment from dead American soldiers at a crossroads in Belgium

Photo taken during the early hours of the Battle of the Bulge, 1944. Pen marks indicate things Army censors redacted after the film was captured. For the [...]