The new China first aluminum smelter Factory

After the liberation of Shenyang by the end of 1948, Wang Shoudao, Chen Yu, Lv Dong and other comrades led the formation of the Ministry of industry in the [...]

Fushun 1957


The game in 1918

An elephant riding American vaudeville stage special ,1918.(source Fox Photos/Gettey Images [...]

Tiananmen beautiful police-woman

In November 26, 1958, Lu Xuezhen, Ye Shuzhen, Zhong Hua as the first female police boarded the Tiananmen before the Road Gang post, starting with a red and [...]

An Afghan mujahideen aims a FIM-92 Stinger missile at passing Soviet aircraft, 1988

A guerrilla soldier aims a Stinger missile at passing aircraft near a remote rebel base in the Safed Koh Mountains February 10, 1988 in Afghanistan. The [...]