An American Marine exhibits the thousand-yard stare after two days of constant fighting in the Battle of Eniwetok, 1944

United States Marine Corps Private Theodore James Miller assigned to the 22nd Marine Independent Regiment returns to Coast Guard-manned attack transport [...]

Highway of Death, The result of American forces bombing retreating Iraqi forces, Kuwait

On Sunday 24 February 1991, allied forces launched a combined ground, air and sea assault which overwhelmed the Iraqi army within 100 hours. By 26 [...]

An American soldier wears a hand lettered “War Is Hell” slogan on his helmet, Vietnam

AP photojournalist Horst Faas took this iconic photo on June 18, 1965, during the Vietnam War with the 173rd Airborne Brigade Battalion on defense duty at [...]

Captain Nieves Fernandez shows to an American soldier how she used her long knife to silently kill Japanese soldiers during occupation

Captain Nieves Fernandez, the only known Filipino female guerilla leader and formerly a school teacher, shows US Army Pvt. Andrew Lupiba how she used her [...]

American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell confronting Martin Luther King Jr.

George Lincoln Rockwell, head of the American Nazi Party, confronts Dr. Martin Luther King, 1964 Nobel Peace Prize Winner, in front of the Dallas County, [...]

Two American soldiers inspect a destroyed German King Tiger tank, Belgium

Also they’re all admiring the three beautiful passing girls. Photo taken near the village of Corenne, Belgium, 1944. The tank in the photo is Tiger II [...]

American Nazi organization rally at Madison Square Garden

Supposedly 22,000 Nazi supporters attended an American Bund rally at New York’s Madison Square Garden in February 1939, under police guard. Demonstrators [...]

German soldiers take boots and other equipment from dead American soldiers at a crossroads in Belgium

Photo taken during the early hours of the Battle of the Bulge, 1944. Pen marks indicate things Army censors redacted after the film was captured. For the [...]

Crowded ship bringing American troops back to New York harbor after V-Day

This is troopship Queen Elisabeth. The Queen Elizabeth together with the Queen Mary were used as troopships in the Second World War. Their great carrying [...]

American tank crews listen to Bernard Herzog who was just liberated from the camp of Santo Tomas, Philippines

The Philippines were an unincorporated US territory at the time. There were a great number of US citizens living in the Philippines. Once the Japanese took [...]