The new China first aluminum smelter Factory


After the liberation of Shenyang by the end of 1948, Wang Shoudao, Chen Yu, Lv Dong and other comrades led the formation of the Ministry of industry in the northeast. Northeast Ministry of industry after the establishment of the first task, is to receive the factory, to resume production.
The western city of Fushun had a factory, named Manchuria light metal manufacturing corporation of Fushun Manufacturing Institute, is the government of Manchukuo and the South Manchuria railway company in November 1936 established a joint venture. Power resources near Benxi and northeast of the bauxite shale factory, the main production of metal aluminum and silicon iron. Design capacity of an annual output of 10000 tons, the actual maximum annual output of up to 8557 tons, technical equipment for the 30s level, poor working conditions, low production efficiency. After Japan’s surrender in 1945, the Soviet Red Army stationed in Fushun, the main equipment, large power supply equipment factory demolition workers also shipped to the Soviet Union, most of the diaspora, factories were completely in shutdown state.


By the end of 1948, the Ministry of industry in Northeast China Nonferrous Metals administration to take over the factory after the establishment of the Fushun aluminum plant vault, responsible for the protection of plant.
In September 1949, the Soviet Union was sent to Eugene led more than 10 people study group. I am in the Northeast representative, with the Northeast nonferrous metal management bureau director Comrade Li Hua and Comrade Ma Longxiang accompanied Eugene a line of Fushun aluminum factory were investigated for 1 weeks, to prepare for the reconstruction of aluminum plant.
In October 1950, proposed the plan of Fushun aluminum plant the first installment of the construction of the Soviet union. In December 1951, the northeast industrial department held in Fushun aluminum plant preliminary design review meeting, approved the preliminary design scheme of Soviet experts, to determine the annual output capacity of 15 thousand tons of aluminum ingots.
At that time, the factory has begun to form, named as Fushun three, Zhang Ge was appointed director of the factory. The electrolytic aluminum plant and Shandong Zhangdian aluminium (alumina) in Harbin, a factory (aluminum processing factory) and Jilin carbon factory, constitute a complete system of aluminum industry.


At that time, the principle of construction was to make use of the existing fixed assets of the factory as much as possible, in order to save the construction funds. In order to facilitate the work of construction design is decided in Fushun aluminum plant. At the end of 1951, a total of 20 people, led by the Soviet expert J Leo Myonov design group, the first batch of factory.