The highest Dragon Industrial Buildings — Longfeng mine frame


Drove eastbound ten kilometers from the city of Fushun, in the southeast of your field of vision, a tall figure in your eyes. It is a landmark building — Longfeng mine frame. “T” type, olive green color, wind and rain erosion appearance, let everyone who sees it would leave a heart heavy and lingering memories.
When we were young, we eat sugar on the wrapping paper, books on the cover page, the magazine’s cover page, the box has its image, it is the Dragon derrick has over 80 years history, commonly known as the “shelf”, “is the symbol of Fushun coal” and “totem”.
“Shelf” is Japanese design. At the beginning of nineteenth Century, the Russo Japanese war started in China. In 1904 Japanese defeated the Russians, the Russians occupied Fushun coalfield as owned, built in Longfeng Longfeng carbon production. In order to accelerate the speed of the coal Japanese plunder, in 1934 according to the derrick Germany Roubaix coal mine Tetan dense nice as the foundation, design and construction of the Longfeng mine frame, put into use in December 1936. In the Second World War, Tetan dense nice mine derrick destroyed in the war, then become a dragon derrick only remains of the derrick, you can also say that it is the most in the world.
Dragon mast 63 meters high, is a type of steel structure, red brick wall. The surface color of olive green color has been used for eighty years, never change. Built in size two of Germany’s SIEMENS manufacturing “koepe hoist”. The motor power is 4025 kilowatts, winch power of 5395 horsepower, mainly used for underground workers and large transport materials.
Standing on the derrick, the city’s panoramic view. A: “you would be extremely Ling, list of small hills” feeling.
Time flies, time flies, eighty years later, although it experienced the vicissitudes of wind, but it still treasures.
It faithfully records the history of evil puppet period, Japanese invaders plundered coal resources. In the Japanese puppet rule 40 years from plundering about 20000000 tons of coal mine dragon. Nearly one hundred thousand people died in the Longfeng mine. (according to historical records, every 2.5 tons of coal, there is one person killed.)
It is a true witness in the second half a century, the Dragon built a modern mine in leadership and engineering and technical personnel, the party’s efforts of countless miners, for the construction of the motherland, development, prosperity, great contribution to the hard and glorious course.
In 1999, due to resource depletion, backward technology, “triangle debts” serious, Longfeng coal mine bankruptcy.
March 2003 dragon mine frame by the provincial government as a cultural heritage, as a relic of patriotism education base and industrial civilization construction.