The church and the related Fushun old photos(2)

Linhuadong (Raymond Aloysius Lane) bishop, was born in January 2, 1894 in Massachusetts, Laurence. In 1913 to join the Maryknoll priest in February 8, 1920. Arrived in Hongkong in 1923, served as president of Malino hospital in Hongkong.
In 1925, the Holy Liaodong Fushun, Benxi, Tonghua (now), Anton, Zhuanghe and other places allocated to Maryknoll management. Father Lin Huadong also came to Fushun. A veteran of the Diocese of Fushun.
In April 14, 1932, the Holy See the formal establishment of the Fushun Prison Pastoral forest father years began as Fushun Prison Pastoral apostolic prefect. Comparison of this period in Northeast China in order, the Japanese imperialists launched the “September 18” incident, the comprehensive occupation of northeast china. After the support of the Manchu established the puppet Manchuria government abdicated emperor Pu yi. In a bad situation, Lin and his brother bishop Maryknoll painstakingly, church has made great development. The gospel in Chinese and Korean, with the rapid spread of ethnic minorities and Japanese nationals, built St. Joseph Cathedral, bishop house and convent in the West Fuping Road (sisters of the sacred heart of Jesus).


The Reverend O’donnell and his Japanese Catholic choir in Fushun, 1940.


Abandoned children in the Church of Fushun orphanage, 1936.


Living in Manchuria for a long time the young Korean woman Andrew, and has entered the local church probation, help in the new church in Fushun in South Korea, 1938.


Fushun’s father Malino church staff, white hair for Chris priest, 1929.


The Church of Fushun outside the hospital waiting for treatment of patients, 1934.
Marie. Mercedes in the treatment of sick babies, 1937