Fushun Laojun Temple


Laojunmiao called the “Fushun coal mine laojunmiao”. According to historical records, when the South Manchuria Railway Company Fushun coal mine 5 (1923 December ~ 1928 September) mine Mei Yeshi advocate, forcing some religious people to donate. In 1924, “on the street” move at the same time, in the pleasure garden original a small break Temple rebuilt, the left access in this southwest of downtown original Fushun daughter theatre on the north side of. When the Laojunmiao is a sits, the size of the spectacular rectangular buildings, covers an area of 2600 square meters, construction area of about 800 square meters. The temple built in the main hall, piandian, before and after the temple, Zhong Lou, Taoist Buddhist temple etc.. This is a regular structure of Taoist temple, main hall dedicated to the statue of the originator of Taoism Lao Li lier), East piandian dedicated to the statue of Guan Yu Ye (Guan Yunchang), temple dedicated to future empress. In addition, the temple is still enshrined there are a lot of other God statues, these statues are special, please Beijing Mingjiang elaborate sculptures, shapes, lifelike.