Revisiting the Pingdingshan Massacre Memorial Hall


The Pingdingshan massacre is the “nine one eight incident”, a massacre of innocent civilians for the China of the Japanese invasion of china.

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the “September 18 Incident” in, the people in Liaoning guardsman decided Fushun attack, against the Japanese occupation, to awaken and inspire people’s Anti Japanese morale. At midnight on 15 September 1932, also is the lunar August 15 Mid Autumn Festival night, people in Liaoning guardsmen divided into three road Fushun attack. Which the eleventh army under the commander Liang Xifu lead attacked waist cut sub Japanese street, Li Jia Gou store sell, also killed Yang Bai Bao Mining Institute of carbon Watanabe Hiroshii such as number of people, then in the morning to withdraw from the city.
In retaliation, the Japanese Kwantung Army garrison and coal mine authorities, military police, police exposed the brutal.
On the morning of September 16, 1932, Japanese garrison stationed in Fu team, gendarmerie, police department and coal mine guard team Qingchao, two qianqibabai adept in Pingdingshan massacre of the unarmed villagers, and killed more than two hundred thousand Jinbao and chestnut ditch village villagers, cause they three regions more than 3000 innocent people killed, made the astonishing and Fushun Pingdingshan massacre.
In Pingdingshan tragedy Memorial, the reporter went to the bottom of the Black victims of the list next to the wall, the names of the victims of the one light makes the viewer’s heart was in pain, visitors to slow down the pace, silent language is a long standing. Today, we may look a name just a few simple Chinese characters, but a name are used to represent a fresh life is our murdered 3000 compatriots, survivors of the parents, wife and children, brothers and sisters, is the tragedy left us unspeakable grief.

Kawakami Seiichi, Ogawa Ichiro, Inoue Shinichi, Fu Bao long…… Although more than 80 years have passed, but the Japanese “devil” the name is still firmly in mind.
The museum, with a family of three to hear very seriously, they came from Henan Province, Song Congming had children in primary school grade 6. Mother Han Guiping said, the child’s grandmother in Fushun, this is our family of three specially leave to visit relatives. The father had come to the Pingdingshan Massacre Memorial Hall, and my children are the first time to. This time we want to bring their children to carry out patriotic education, the child is also very concerned about the. This family of three along the way to follow the footsteps of the curator Zhou Xueliang, listen to the curator of the year. Along the direction of the director of the week is a few pictures of Japanese military officers. “These Japanese officers were the culprit in planning and directing the Pingdingshan massacre……” Zhou curator said.
The Kwantung Army independent garrison second squadron commander, infantry captain Kawakami Seiichi, he is the highest authority in Fushun. People’s militia attack Fushun, he called twice decided to slaughter the meeting, decided to Li Jia Gou, Pingdingshan village, the daughter of Fort thoroughly burned to kill light. After the massacre, the Japanese authorities in order to eliminate the Pingdingshan massacre Japan to bring negative influence, removed from the Kawakami Seiichi Fushun, in June 1946, he as a war criminal suspects, the police arrested him commit suicide.
The Japanese military police detachment captain Ogawa Ichiro, after the Pingdingshan massacre from Fushun, after missing.
Garrison captain lieutenant Inoue Shinichi. The carnage in holding swords issued shooting command officer he was witnessed by survivors. Massacre disclosure in WTO, the Kwantung Army to escape public condemnation, played a lost soldier baoshuai drama, Pingdingshan massacre the culprit in the Inoue Shinichi. Why Japan should choose a captain to bear the guilt of the Holocaust? This is related to my own experience. In December 1931, Inoue Shinichi was ordered to reinforce aggression in the northeast of China. The day before the battle, newlywed wife Chiyo to “incentive” husband expedition and suicide. Japan to promote community of wells, the wife of suicide as a militant of the mouth with approbation trumpeted, and thus by the establishment of a service to aggression “Mrs. defense”, the touted as “Mrs. militarism example”. Well, lieutenant is charged with “good” and his wife, had to play their “great soldier” role. So when union general assembly proposed Pingdingshan tragedy, the tragedy to become international, a in two squadrons of small and medium-sized captain ranking still is in the 3rd Inoue Shinichi is commander of the Kwantung Army Wuteng Nobuyoshi utilize to the international community to do explain.
Fushun Coal Mine of Japan deputy mine, Pingdingshan massacre of coal mine against actual team commander Kubo, is due to the Pingdingshan massacre and was national government Northeast China headquarters military court sentenced to death penalty of 7 people in positions the highest one.

Since 1970 site unearthed, we has conducted “drainage engineering”, “curtain grouting engineering”, “bridge support comprehensive management of Engineering” and “hydrophobic Engineering”. And the remains of the cultural relics has been using trimethylamine resin on the remains of the protection and reinforcement, although played a certain role, but three resin is easy to dust, and aging discoloration, and the remains of mildew, dust adhesion, resulting in surface of the remains of the appear black. In order to further protect the remains. In 2002, to commemorate the museum invited Nanjing museum experts on the protection of cultural relics to the museum were investigated and formulated the remains of cultural relics protection scheme, after laboratory test, in August 2004 to sites in more than 80 square meters of more than 100 remains in the small scope of protection test. After ten years of observation, the protection is in good condition.
2007 new site museum has remains the artifacts of isolation, and use the air-conditioning, dehumidifier, equipment to adjust the remains of bone cell, environmental protection has been further improved.