Month: June 2015

The burning monk, 1963

In June of 1963, Vietnamese Mahayana Buddhist monk Thích Quang Duc burned himself to death at a busy intersection in Saigon. He was attempting to show that to [...]

The first war in the Chechnya

Republic of Chechnya is one of the Russian Federation of Autonomous Republic, is located to the north of the Caucasus mountains, land area of about 15000 [...]

150 years ago in China from Jakob Adolf Krayer

Jakobadolfkrayer (Jakob Adolf Krayer, 1834 - 1900), Swiss, 1860 to 1868 during, he as a British company silk inspectors and purchaser, living and working [...]

The Chongqing bombing

The Chongqing Big bombing refers to China during the war of resistance against Japan, from February 18, 1938 to August 23, 1943, Japan to China's wartime [...]

The Summer Palace, 100 years ago

Hundreds of years ago, the Summer Palace, visitors are boating. The Summer Palace (simplified Chinese: 颐和园; traditional Chinese: 颐和园; [...]

A tourist stands alone in front of Temple of Heaven

A tourist stands alone in front of Temple of Heaven@Peking. The Temple of Heaven, literally the Altar of Heaven (simplified Chinese: 天坛; traditional [...]

Sinking of the Dong Fang Zhi Xing

MV Dong Fang Zhi Xing was constructed in February 1994 with a total capacity of 534 people. The ship was 76 metres (250 ft) long with a beam of 14 [...]

Nantai the No.1 Child care station @Fushun

Fushun City victory District Nantai street 1 childcare station is established in July 1954, Nantai street is factories, offices, schools and so many of [...]

Fushun Mining Club

This is a black and white old postcard printed with the history of Fushun. Diagram for "Fushun Coal Mine club" photograph ; positive posted 1 Japanese [...]

Fashion model@Shanghai

In the 30's of the last century, Shanghai, China has emerged the earliest fashion [...]