The case of shopping malls stampede death @ Fushun 1931


In February 19, 1931, by the Fushun first store together small fire and causing astampede, causing serious consequences of 5 dead and 12 injured. Provincial, countygovernment and relevant departments, provincial and County Court (attorney) have paid much attention to the person responsible for the accident, the responsibility, the County Public Security Bureau has security vulnerabilities mall proposed improvement measures. Fushun city archives archives of the Republic of China “the Public SecurityBureau reported the first mall downstairs fire so that the crowd crowded because of injury death case in detail to reflect the whole incident.

At seven forty-five in the evening of 19, is located in Jinzhai city in Fushun 1000 streetfirst mall downstairs North Dumpling Shop fire door, indoor small furnace chimneys of Mars ignited the windows in the adjacent shop owner Fu Zhonghe hurried jiangrou talkback, fighting together and store man Wang Mingting, more than 5 minutes the fire was extinguished. The upstairs theatre is acting, the audience very much, heard someone shouting fire, the audience is desperate to escape, eleven two people fall in crowding each other, are stepping. Afterwards, Wang Mingting disappeared, presumably he accidentally caught fire.

When the fire started, the store manager Wang Huanzhang was upstairs inside the house, he heard voices. He was busy looking out of window, see the fire in the East building left under a ladder, although soon put out, but a lot of people to run, crowdedscenes of chaos. Wang hurried to everyone shouted “don’t panic, but remains the same, then returned to the house alarm.

The next morning, the police informed, Fushun District Prosecutors Office chiefprosecutor Liu Yukui, Li Wen Qichen inspection to the scene, to five of the deceased were all being stepped to death shangshen.

Fushun County Public Security Bureau He Xizhuo reported the case to the Fushuncounty magistrate Zhang Kexiang said, “according to the nine Division Secretary LiuWenqi reported, check the mall theatre on the occasion, found the fire, Chitu massmurder to five of the plot, it can grieved. The store equipment not, no blame speech,when ordered the mall temporary cessation of drama, for rehabilitation. The Secretary of the usually slow awareness, facing everything cannot maintain order, resulting inserious cases, particularly difficult to quit the responsibility. The Secretary Liu Wenqijidaguo once, Wang Hongjun, should be reduced to the agency, to watch. In addition tothe store manager Wang Huanzhang Fu Zhonghe to the court hearing, head office, Li He, together with a single test, the paper sketches the record, the report prepared in conjunction with nuclear force.”

Fushun county government will be the provincial government instructions quickly communicated to the county public security bureau. In March 21st, the County Public Security Bureau report “the first mall has police alert, and will be improved with the sketch painting please check”, the more detailed content, admit a fault, summarizes the experience, put forward rectification measures. Also report to the responsible person of the punishment decision: on the tube, now removed, if there is suspicion of dereliction of duty, but also to send to the court investigation; tube director given demerits two times to rescue police chief of a light punishment; not urge speedy, give a reprimand. In addition, from February 22nd onwards, the daily police team deployed four soldiers tostrengthen the alert. While Yao Zhonglin, head of the general administration toinspector Han Yushan, acting director Shen Junzhang to distinguish ninth, together witha detailed survey of shopping malls around. Check the floor area is very spacious, butfrom the gate, only the background of the left and right ends of Taiping stairs each one,the stairs have been packed the mall broken things blocked impassable. Although theleft preparation unit, the staircase has yet to equipment, if unexpected, shall be made by a door entry, is bound to cause congestion, thus the situation worrying. If from security considerations, should be ordered to advocate the building in the lower end of the open Pacific Northwest to a staircase, and the background about two party and did not set the original stairs were trimmed to make peace, unimpeded and free of danger,he will survey the situation draw out the sketch, Kam nuclear petition.

In March 24th, the Liaoning Supreme Court Prosecutor’s office ordered the Fushuncounty magistrate Zhang Kexiang said, “the first reported mall downstairs bold people crowded on the injury death case, and by a single test pieces were noted according to the investigation, five men died, including two nameless corpse, Yang is deep mark,move the case claim.” In April 3rd, Fushun District Prosecutors Office Fushun county government official, which called “the mall manager Wang Huanzhangye by theDepartment believes that the act does not constitute a crime, be not to prosecute. Fu Zhonghe, according to the public prosecution of crimes by the court at the same level of risk, sentenced to imprisonment for two months, the execution record.

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