The “9.18” incident @ Fushun


September 18, 1931.

This is the Chinese people never forget the national humiliation day.

It’s ten twenty.

With the roar of a few loud, the Japanese Kwantung Army will own wicker Lake railwaydetonated, this is Japan’s so-called “wicker Lake incident”. The Kwantung Army as an excuse, garrison command second brigade to attack Zhang Xueliang independentseventh brigade of the city, the rapid occupation of the west, Dongying district and radio stations; at the same time the second division 29 regiment to attack the west wall of Shenyang.

The premeditated war fuse detonated by the Japanese finally. This is the “September 18” incident shocked the world.

In the “September 18 Incident” at the same time, also began in Fushun, the Japanesepolice department action.

The 19 day at two ten, the Japanese military police department department directorJiangtian Toshio in under the command of Terada Yoshinosuke, first cut the phone lines, and dozens of search, with the team against the garrison, the gendarmerie andreservists into a total of more than 300, the government quickly surrounded the FushunCounty Public Security Bureau, county, lift they are armed.

The(1) a day at 1 pm, the police officers held a meeting in the meeting by thegarrison, garrison captain convey combat command;

(2) the area of the garrison garrison extended to Sujiatun. Every day to prepare military train at the station, in order to be ready;

The (3) coal mine in peacetime garrison camp for trucks, buses and one each in taiwan;

The defense team (4) every day to send 1 squadron stationed at the garrison camp;

(5) the command of Fushun Public Security Bureau and the public security team to disarm. If you do not accept, can immediately take military action, on the streets of Jinzhai city are thousands of fire attack;

The (6) disarm after China street, by the gendarmerie under martial law.” “The Japanese imperialist invasion archive selected” (1) “September 18 Incident” 156th – 159 pages.

The 6 orders issued, Fushun County Public Security Bureau and the public securityteam in 1000 Jinzhai had been disarmed, have left the army in the Fushun City Road200 and Fushun city police 58 also did not disarm.

The twenty-two thirty, after the meeting, Terada Yoshinosuke immediately call to the county and the Public Security Bureau, the report came to garrison.


Twenty-three ten, again to the county police commissioner Xia Yi proposed:

The life you tonight before 24, must be transported to the weapons tram line Shankengoverhead bridge, such as not to immediately launch armed attack!”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes… I’ll just… ” Suitable for summer, helpless, have to promise.

The 20 to zero thirty, Fushun Chinese police all disarmed.

The morning of September 20th 10, garrison stress County, Public Security Bureau,President of Commerce and agriculture to garrison, “to discuss” the Fushun County People’s autonomy matters, the statement from the government of Jinzhou Province,and issued the so-called “autonomous constitution”, as follows:

The first, the spirit of equality and fraternity;

The two, to create a reasonable organization, living fair stability for the people;

Three, the principle of people-oriented, geographical unit automatic organization of the people’s government, the exercise of people’s right to life;

The program (1), four people have their right to survive and the mutual recognition of the right to existence. (2) maintain religious freedom of speech, and of all mankindresponsible. (3) maintain autonomous people’s equal suffrage. (4) the people’sgovernment should now and evil evil forces to break off the relationship. (5) people will recognize Chinese of clan social traditions.

The five, the organization will set within the region to people’s organization.

The six, from the autonomous system of the abolition of evil military since the Republic of China, the revival of the traditional clan system Chinese.

Seven, the authorities will set up autonomous county executive committee.

(1) the Executive Committee and the Bureau of Autonomous County People’s autonomyin the;

The (2) autonomous Federation Congress.

The eight, the Executive Committee duties: (1) the General Assembly decided to exercise all the tasks on the principle of the right to existence; (2) autonomous armycommand; (3) duties temporarily took the county: administrative, financial, judicial andsecurity; (4) the General Assembly convened affairs.

Nine, the County Bureau of Autonomous County (1) autonomous Agency Executive Committee; (2) the organization Bureau of Autonomous County Executive charterservices, determined by the Executive Committee; (3) autonomous internaladministrative department, the Ministry of justice, Ministry of education, policedepartment, general affairs and the Ministry of supervision.

But alas, in the so-called “autonomous regulations” promulgated soon, October 4th,Japanese planes in Fushun County village Party Chapter several bombs. The wife of Zhang Yunxiang, Qin’s daughter, young grandniece, female workers and neighborsWang Wang Liwu has killed 7 people, injured 5 people. 17, Jinzhai garrison marchedthousands of villagers, seized firearms 11, 5000 bullets, at the same time in the citystreet killing 1 workers.

The October 11th, Fushun County People’s government set up. The chairman: Xia yi.Vice chairmen: Liu Hanqing, He Xilu, Sun Zhenkui. Executive Committee: Zhiming Tang.Consultant: Yamaguchi Fumio, back in ten.