Memory of Fushun


In 1920 the Japanese implementation of “large open-pit mine digging mining plan” village”daughter Japanese Street” because in mining face will be abandoned.

The newJapanese Street” is divided into residential and commercial service area two parts. In the end, a strong move Guan Tun shanzuizi China area residents, the Japanese invaders in 1919 will highlight between Yongan bridge and Dongxiang pit heights asscheduled to house agency, known as the Yongan taiwan. They built roads and water project here, the road network is tilted from the central square to the slightly roundedradiation shaped street. A area of 1157030 square meters of the two street map, each for a mesh to five mesh Ting ting.

Today, people are accustomed to the mountaintop square, YonganRoad community here are called Southern and Northern Taiwan, and the region’s official name still called Yongan street station.

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