Happy garden

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Taking the Yongan hilly area as the center, construction of the East Park, West Parkand South park. The residential area of the East, East Park (now Labor Park) Park Hillrepair water purification plant. The residential area of west hill, under Xiuxi Park (now the children’s Park). The residential area of southwestern North and South Park (nearFushun daily), the shrine, greenhouse design. Corresponding to the South Park areafor Sports Park (i.e. Racecourse) a baseball field, soccer field, land arena etc..

The so-called “discipline areas” brothel concentrated area. Is set as a red light district.Place mixing zone in the business district on the west side (i.e. Huan Park). Discipline in the area is divided into two parts, the north is the Japanese, Koreans use fireworksXiang, said Yang jie. The south is Chinese with fireworks called Xiang, Kang Li ping.

Huan park is a local entertainment Fushun coal mine workers, here to Laojun temple as the center, set up the stage, the stage is surrounded by all kinds of clothing, food and other debris, open-air stalls in bed.

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