From childhood to uncle, self sector God every day for 16 years


39 year old photographer Jonathan Keller Alaska called self circle “god”. He from 16 years ago began to self, adhere to a daily deposit from photographs of a face serious, until now had taken nearly 6000 copies, recorded from shallots juvenile to change not confused middle-aged. Recently, he made these photos from a long, about 3.5 minutes of video. Video, his hair long and short, his beard and long, expression from the sentimental become mature, even face acne “rise and fall of history also shows clearly.

Keller said the photos were purely accidental. That year, he bought an expensive Nikon camera, his girlfriend criticized, his girlfriend asked him: buy so expensive things do?Can everyday use? He decided to take a picture every day.. 16 years later, the original intention of the Keller has been completely different from the year. He said he would stick to the self, until his death that day.

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