China in 1927 took out the “Fifty Shades of Grey”


In fact, China in 1927 to take over “Fifty Shades of Grey”, the film “Dream Lake”. This is one of Tian Han’s early plays, his creative director Bu Wancang, but the script is complete. Film is mainly about a playwright in the lake falls in love with a woman, the author describes their love: “Qi wave every day to the provision of Xinjiang tied up, Jinli whips and he played badly bruised, BianTi accompany wound. After playing her and hugged him, kissed his wound. Jiang initially also resisted, later used, do not think bitter, anti think music.” Was a smash hit starring Gong Jianong and legendary woman Yang Naimei niche.

Naimei Yang born extremely rich, has been known as the private life of unrestrained spending billions of dollars to the image and erosion, she had a night of gambling lost 80000. Every day, the use of opium. Inside the film, she played the hand skin to play stocky scholar Gong Jianong. It seems to be a feminist pioneer.

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